Spectacular modern house in Spain by A-cero

Well, if you are looking for some of the most impressive and magnificent architectures in Spain right now then the spectacular modern house in Spain by A-cero is one of them. This beauty is in a league of its own and showcases architecture at its very best. This mind blowing residential building is located in Samosaguas a very popular residential area in Pozuelo de Alarcón, that boast of other exotic architecture that will drive anyone crazy.


Just like its other outstanding architectural design, A-Cero remained committed to their beautiful design and style by creating a perfect unity between curved lines and cubic forms. This state of the art architectural design boasts of magnificent views that are only rivaled by a few other architectural designs. As always, the Spanish architectural studio drew its inspirations from the works of other spectacular artists to come up with this highly loved and talked about building.

If you are thinking of a luxury house to spoil yourself sour and you don’t know what architectural design is perfect for you, then you wouldn’t go wrong by drawing inspiration from the spectacular modern house in Spain by A-cero. Guess you still wondering why this house is special and top notch?  Then you need to feel the awesome surprise and architectural ingenuity of this architecture that promises to wow you.

Obviously, this building boast of staggering 18,300 square feet of living spaces, which is stunning and perfect for people who desire lots of space in a house. Its architectural master class is characterized by sculptural volumes that are dominated by horizontal lines. The architectural volumes of this masterpiece are superimposed in layers which give the building a layout that appears like a natural growth.

This building was also intended to create a harmonious balance between the building and environment. Consequently, the brilliant A-cero designed a beautiful Japanese inspired garden to complement the beauty and aura of this building. The charming Japanese themed garden was beautifully landscaped with large boanaise flowers and other ornamental plants that nature lovers will no doubt appreciate. Access to the garden is allowed from the rooms in the ground floor connection between indoors and outdoors environment.

The base house features the health and leisure areas, the living room, dining area, and indoor pool. It doesn’t end there; the master bedroom suite and office are also located on the first floor. The second floor has beautiful scenery with a spacious painting studio that art lovers would fall in love with.