The Luxury Residences Of One Madison Park

One Madison Park is a 60-storey residential glass tower, located 23 East 22nd Street, New York, NY found in the Madison Avenue. It was popularly known for the troubled path it took to be completed; however, One Madison Park is known lately for the celebrities that have bought into it. The one Madison Park was scheduled to be 47-storey and was called the Saya then, around 2006 when the construction commenced; the name was changed to One Madison Park, and lately to One Madison.


This outstanding residence offers a soaring 360-degree view and has a total of 53 residential units with impressive amenities such as all marble walls, indoor pools, and butler service. The magnificent building offers more than just a list of amenities. In fact, this was raised with excellence in mind. The fortunate and reputable residents enjoy uncountable benefits of unparalleled views from every room of the home all day long. The new World Trade Center appears clear from the eat-in-kitchen during breakfast, an excellent view of the city’s outstanding bridges from the master suite. One Madison Park allows its inhabitants to enjoy a close-up of the empire state building from the dining room. It is a unique and outstanding residence, one of the luxury penthouses designed with mind-blowing sophistication; it is a definition of adorable architectural works.

The modern and unique One Madison Park also features a 586 sq. Ft. Wraparound terrace, private dual elevators, sweeping circular staircase that gives the inhabitant a feel of comfort when running a staircase, it also has a gracious and privacy-oriented master suite, offers a scenic view of rivers, World Trade Center, an uptown tip of Madison Avenue and the Manhattan.

The interior of the originally planned features was amended and designed by Rem Koolhaas; the design improvements featured a restaurant run by chef, fitness room, wine cellar, and a doorman always present. The ‘Pods’ is responsible for the building’s sense of lightness as compared to its would-have-been mass, it also poses this building as one of the thinnest skyscrapers in New York, as it extends the floor plate from 2,700 sq. ft. to 3,300 sq. ft. One Madison Park is well cited, it is located in a place that allows its inhabitants to have a comfortable transportation, this means that the proximity of the one Madison Park to the Madison Square Park is very high. It could be said that this is a residence that truly defines home comfort and enjoyment.

The Fascinating Penthouse Of Icon Tower At Miami Beach

This lavish 7,993 sq. Ft. Penthouse represents the ultimate in luxury condo and is cited in a prime location; it is located on Miami Beach’s exclusive South of Fifth Street district, as everyone who visits the South Beach can see it. It gives a wrap around views of the Miami Beach, its attractive scenery, and the distinctive ambiance of pleasing city lights below. Residents are entitled to catch those immediate neighboring real feelings, as the can walk over to have a meal at any of the top quality restaurants, as well coffee in any of the bars and coffee shops. The eye-catching ocean drive will want to turn you into an insomniac, as you watch the entertaining ocean drive in the sands of Miami Beach from the early evenings to the break of dawn.


About Icon Tower

The Icon Tower at South Beach area of Miami Beach is one out of the three fascinating condominiums that bear the name ‘Icon’ as a residential skyscraper. The Icon Tower cannot be left out when counting towers that are worth it regarding designs and luxurious accommodations. In fact, it is a unique collection of various definitions of luxurious condos and was completed in 2005.

This astonishing edifice was built to suit people who have a taste for sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle; sure the Icon tower is apt for these individuals. The Icon Tower has an extraordinarily shaped staircase and a much-heightened ceiling of about 20 foot above the residents or guests, offering an impressive customized living experience. The Icon has over 250 residential units with three bedroom condos offered in 6 distinct floor plans that are meticulously designed to suit a variety of tastes. It doesn’t count the one you choose because all of them offer you virtually the same satisfaction and feeling.  The floor plans have tinted glass windows and elevated nine-foot ceilings, with varieties of four interior color schemes designed by a renowned architect Philippe Starck, this offers the option to choose either marble or granite countertops within the kitchen. The adorable luxury penthouse features high-quality European cabinetries, enviable and expensive terraces, and walk-in closets.

The highly reputable and award winning Icon has features that make a living a recreated Paradise experience, with services and amenities that are worth it. The residents are entitled to enjoy a modern kitchen stacked with trending European cabinetry, high-end appliances with quality fixtures. One cannot undermine the excellent fixtures of the bathroom ranging from the all through marble to the whirlpool tubs, and all that falls in between. The Icon tower’s rooftop space no doubt has features that would make a visitor never to want to leave, with its private pool, hot tub, sauna, wall garden, outdoor pool table and entertainment bar.

The Process of Selling a Real Estate Property

Businessman teamwork real state house partners shaking hands handshake

There are some things you need to know about offering your real estate property for sale. You can enlist the help of a financier that would list your home online or in other places so customers would know that you have a property on sale. All in all, once a customer is interested, you would go into the process of signing a contract. Before that comes the offer, and you need to pay special consideration to the subject statement. The motivation behind a subject statement contained in an offer is to set out a particular condition that must be satisfied before the deal can come about.

Understanding the Process of Selling a Real Estate Property

download-3One normal subject statement you may experience is one in which the purchasers make the deal restrictive upon their finding the accurate sum and sort of financing which will empower them to buy your home. Another statement is one in which the purchasers make the buy restrictive upon an attractive home assessment. Keep in mind that, in the event that you acknowledge an offer which contains a subject statement, you are viable taking your home off the business sector for the period in which the purchasers are endeavoring to meet the condition they have set.

lakaskolcsonIn this manner, you ought to guarantee that a fixed time for the condition to be met is determined in the offer to buy so you would not have to wait for too long while missing out on other buyers. On the off chance that one of the conditions contained in a subject statement can’t be met after each sensible exertion has been made to do as such, the agreement closes and there is no legitimate commitment to finish the buy or deal.In the end, your house would be up again on the listing and available to other buyers.


Tips for Selling a Real Estate Property

fffWhen it comes to the matter of selling a real estate property, time is of the essence and you should not wait too long on one potential buyer. As a merchant, you may wish to acknowledge an offer containing a subject statement or subject to the purchasers offering their own home, yet still wishing to consider different offers, just on the off chance that the purchasers can’t abide by the condition. You can do this by having the purchaser consent to embed a period statement in the agreement.

Useful Tips for Selling a Real Estate Property

A period will allow you to require the purchaser to abide by every single condition inside a short, indicated time on the off chance that you get another offer that you might want to acknowledge. In the event that the purchaser does not abide by the conditions of that time, the restrictive contract arrives at an end and you are allowed to acknowledge the second offer.At the point when offering a strata property, a typical proviso you may experience is one in which the purchaser makes the counter-offer restrictive upon his or her survey and endorsement of all applicable strata documentation, for example, enrolled standing rules, current standards, monetary explanations, strata arrangement, Form B, specialist’s reports, and so forth.


An offer to buy will contain data about how the purchaser means to back up his or her buy. In the event that you at present have a home loan on your home, you might be confronted with a circumstance that will oblige you to pay out your current home loan and there might be a punishment for doing this. Keep in mind that paying a punishment successfully diminishes the value you will get for your home.In the end, it might be better to sell your home after it has been paid off.


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