LV House in Madrid, Spain

LV house is a modern and outstanding residence which covers about 10.764 Sq. Ft. of space and has three floors. This is one of the eye-catching residential homes located in Madrid, Spain. An excellent single-family house completed by A-cero is one worth living anytime. Thanks to Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, the architectural works were exceptionally high with unique aesthetic criteria that characterize an entirely managed studio. The good LV house has quality interior and exterior amenities that make it worth living.

lvThe three floors are connected by an amazingly spiral interior staircase, so enticing; it also has an elevator that would make the inhabitants want to be on a steady to and fro movement. The ground floor is consisting of the public living areas, and this is basically the service sector such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The beautifully designed upper floor is made of 4 bedrooms with each of them entirely housing a bathroom and a master suite that gets you stunned. The upper floor is dedicated to the privacy of the inhabitants, unlike the ground floor that caters for entertainment and services. So admiring, each room designed is with wide windows and easy access to the garden through the porches.

A rational and social human being will advocate that a true luxurious house is never complete without the entertainment and fun section meticulously designed. This is truly portrayed in the basement of this LV house. The basement features an entertainment room, a state of the art swimming pool and a gym; these are apt for the inhabitants ’pleasure as well visitors’. Of course, there is a modern garage in the basement level. The quality furniture designs are cool and are made of high standard quality materials; thanks to Cavalli furniture designs and A-cero IN design, the outdoor furniture is works of Vondom firms. A-cero IN provides the furniture such as sculptures from an architectural studio.

The LV house in Madrid, Spain is no doubt a residence that features the required amenities that qualifies a building to be called a home. Incorporated in it are excellent combinations of classic style and modern elements. Occupants get one of the best feelings of being at home in the LV house, as it has virtually the features of a perfectly modern house. The house extends to an outdoor swimming pool with organic shapes, as well a scenic garden.