Fantastic window residence in Valencia, Spain

When you talk about architecture and design, then Spain is a powerhouse with lots of mind blowing architectural designs rivaled by only a few worldwide. The window residence is a perfect residential building for either couples or singles looking for a luxury apartment to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of Spain.


This house is located in the very heart of Spain, Valencia to be precise, which boast of other mind blowing residential building. This humble abode is in a class of its own and proves just how important architecture is to the harmony of nature. This down to earth Magnificent structure was designed and completed by Spanish architectural firm LADAA in 2010 and was placed in an elevated position in the city of Valencia to give onlookers the view of a lifetime. Ever imagined how awesome it would be to be able to capture the beauty of Valencia from one vantage point! Impressive right? Wait till you see the spec of the house, and you will marvel at the time and energy that went into this work to make it a masterpiece.

This beautiful residential enclave boasts of two separate floors that are intentionally crafted to offer the most exceptional and breathtaking views of the surrounding as well as luxurious living conditions that any lucky owner will always be proud of. If you are in search of a house that is designed to your taste and perfection, then this is the one for you. Although it wouldn’t come on the cheap, it is worth whatever money spent to purchase it.

The selling point of this building is the central living area that houses the master bedroom on the very first floor; this level provides you with all the needed freedom, privacy and independence from the disturbances of children and another guest that may be occupying the guest room. From and external point of view, The Fantastic Window Residence has four distinct Phases with three of those phases intentionally designed to ensure privacy while the fourth phase is transparent to showcase the exquisite views of the encircling arrears.

The designers of the Fantastic Window Residence made sure that there is a transition between indoor area and the exterior area. This transition is achieved through a uniquely designed glass door box that connects the exterior spaces with the living area that occupies a mouthwatering space of 2,150 square feet. This space is adequate to house any equipment or furniture you may like to install into this humble abode.

The Fantastic Window Residence boast of two bedrooms, and audio-video room, service area as well as the garage that can be easily accessed through an appropriately designed staircase that leads to the basement area. If your taste in a house is décor, then the designers of the Fantastic Window Residence didn’t let you down as each room is adorned with state of the art decoration. This house has a cozy fireplace that ensures you stay warm all day long. The outdoor area of this building will provide you with the fun of a lifetime as it houses a beautiful swimming pool designed to perfection to guarantee optimum relaxation and socialization.