Copaiba Residence

The design of the Copaiba residence has its reference linked to its landscape; its lot has a Copaiba tree, a little portion of cerrado vegetation and an eastern mountain range view, hence the name Copaiba residence. The Copaiba residence is a residential home built in an L-shape by the Brazilian architectural firm Macedo, Gomes, and Fabiano Sobreira as the architect in charge. This is an impressive residential home of about 3,552 Sq. Ft that was completed in 2013, and located in Brasilia, Brazil. The design of this project takes the Copaiba tree as its reference point, as the main access to the house and the courtyard is created around the Copaiba tree.

The Copaiba residence has its unique design that most people who desire and appreciate luxurious homes with plants would admire. An L-shaped block forms the ground floor of the house, there is the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms and connected to the cerrado vegetation via a long veranda that extends all spaces, enabling transition between the outside and inside. This long veranda also offers maximum protection to the internal space against the sun and rain.

The Brasilia climate is unique, as it a major consideration for the open design of this project that allows passive solutions. Apparently, there wouldn’t be an intense need for an air conditioner, whether heating or cooling type. The west portion of the ground floor block features the bathroom, well equipped and scenic; this serves as an effective protection to the bedroom from the west sun. The North portion of the L shape block of Copaiba residence has so many features that are excellent and peculiar to a luxurious home; it has the guest bedroom and garage/multifunctional space, and service area; these define the courtyard.

A unique and adorable wood finishing characterize the interior of this residence, perhaps complementing the surrounding nature of copaiba tree. The interior parts including the floor, ceiling and frames are made of quality native wood. One could wonder why the garage has a tile panel; this is put in place in a bid to pay homage to Athos Bulcao, an artist who worked in partnership with Niemeyer to achieve several works in Brasilia, as well the folk culture of Pernambuco. A very spectacular and luxurious residential home in Brasilia, Brazil could not be better than the Copaiba residence with its Copaiba tree being accorded the due reference.