Villa V Luxury Residence – Sochi, Krasnodar, Krai, Russia

The Villa V luxury is one luxury home that can hold any rational human spellbound, this grand residence with its unique citation on a hill near Sochi, Russia. The location is worth such an edifice, as it borders a large highland wildlife sanctuary graced with unparalleled views of the green mountains that sweep down to the sea below. This project was marked completed in 2015; it is about 6,458 Sq. Ft, such a wide lot covered by this magnificent residence.

09 Feb

Villa V luxury’s exterior structure was meticulously created from a visual inspiration to depict the Mobius strip with impressive architectural shape perfection. The external view has an architectural shape of a white strip that forms an infinity sign shape in one end, and a figure on the other end. In the contemporary world of design, virtually every luxury home requires a staircase, but one with a fashionable design seems to be apter. The Villa V luxury features a stylish but simple exterior stair leading to the principal entrance; this is a trapezium-shaped stairs that welcome you to the home. Much accolades to the unique

architectural designs by the architect Alexandra Fedorova. Villa V luxury home is located on a hill, with the back structure at ground level; this allows non-specified enticing views from the public area.

The modern luxury home with fantastic features are the architectural works of Fedorova; this is seen in the Villa V luxury with the design of a hall that leads to the living room that has two zones ( an exit to the terrace featuring the pool and a panoramic glazing). The design of the Villa V luxury home in Russia is a reminiscent of the outstanding works of Federova, who has carved a niche for himself in the architectural world. It is a truth that great effort was employed towards achieving maximized interaction between the home and its environment, as this building flaunts a spacious basement. The base features a hollow volume of the basement, with two floors which are airy and light mounted above the emphatic volumetric basement.

The two floors above the basement have lots of glass which are perfect for the proper lights and views in Villa V luxury. The architectural dexterity of Federova gave rise to so many luxury homes, of which Villa luxury is one, and a suitable home for the contemporary quest for a perfect home in Sochi, Krasnodar, Krai, Russia.