Villa V Luxury Residence – Sochi, Krasnodar, Krai, Russia

The Villa V luxury is one luxury home that can hold any rational human spellbound, this grand residence with its unique citation on a hill near Sochi, Russia. The location is worth such an edifice, as it borders a large highland wildlife sanctuary graced with unparalleled views of the green mountains that sweep down to the sea below. This project was marked completed in 2015; it is about 6,458 Sq. Ft, such a wide lot covered by this magnificent residence.

09 Feb

Villa V luxury’s exterior structure was meticulously created from a visual inspiration to depict the Mobius strip with impressive architectural shape perfection. The external view has an architectural shape of a white strip that forms an infinity sign shape in one end, and a figure on the other end. In the contemporary world of design, virtually every luxury home requires a staircase, but one with a fashionable design seems to be apter. The Villa V luxury features a stylish but simple exterior stair leading to the principal entrance; this is a trapezium-shaped stairs that welcome you to the home. Much accolades to the unique

architectural designs by the architect Alexandra Fedorova. Villa V luxury home is located on a hill, with the back structure at ground level; this allows non-specified enticing views from the public area.

The modern luxury home with fantastic features are the architectural works of Fedorova; this is seen in the Villa V luxury with the design of a hall that leads to the living room that has two zones ( an exit to the terrace featuring the pool and a panoramic glazing). The design of the Villa V luxury home in Russia is a reminiscent of the outstanding works of Federova, who has carved a niche for himself in the architectural world. It is a truth that great effort was employed towards achieving maximized interaction between the home and its environment, as this building flaunts a spacious basement. The base features a hollow volume of the basement, with two floors which are airy and light mounted above the emphatic volumetric basement.

The two floors above the basement have lots of glass which are perfect for the proper lights and views in Villa V luxury. The architectural dexterity of Federova gave rise to so many luxury homes, of which Villa luxury is one, and a suitable home for the contemporary quest for a perfect home in Sochi, Krasnodar, Krai, Russia.

Office For Rent in An Amazing Grade A Office Building in Singapore With Hotel and Residences

The Duo tower is a world class office building with hotel, retail  and residential components located at Fraser Street in District 7, Singapore 189352, that covers a lot size of about 568,00 sq. Ft. The lavish structure is a retail plaza, with 20 levels of premium Grade-A office for rent developed by the developer Ophir-Rochor Commercial Pte Ltd. Duo tower is a significant commercial tower cited very close to the financial districts of Raffles Place and Marina Bay and has a tenure of 99-year leasehold from 2011 July. About 12 levels (5th to 37th level) of the Duo tower is occupied by a five-star hotel of about 352 rooms, a signature restaurant, and observation deck is instituted on levels 38 and 39 respectively.


Duo Tower is a grade A office for rent in Singapore

Duo Tower offers premium office for rent in Singapore with raised floor and high ceiling in a large floor plate, with its citation 20 minutes’ drive to the Changi airport and it is outside the Central Business District (CBD) Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Gantry. The proximity of this impressive commercial building is directly connected to the Bugis MRT station from its basement 3 level; a mere 0.27km away, one can be in the EW12 Bugis and the CC5 Nicoll Highway about 0.65km. Two taxi stands and thirty-two bus stops give an idea of the easy transportation associated with the Duo tower. The location of the Duo tower seems to be one that was chosen after many thoughtful considerations, as the Duo tower has three convenience store for quality shopping experience around it, and a nearby shopping mall called the Raffles Shopping Arcade skyrockets your shopping experience in this area; all are close to the Duo tower.

The hotel rooms in this building are designed with the state-of-the-art quality in place; it includes swimming pools, restaurants, pool bar, fitness center, executive lounge, meeting rooms and others. Ole Scheeren is always on top of his game, as he always tries to keep up to standard and the fast rising architectural designs. The Duo tower is designed by the prominent architect Ole Scheeren, each of the 20 levels of the grade-A office floors is styled with generous floor plates and sweeping Vistas peculiar to the Singapore city skyline.

This commercial tower design is geared towards making the Duo tower a renowned address when it comes to Singapore’s business, a premium office building capable of driving development to its area. An impressive tower that serves right for great business managements without compromising relaxation and comfort is what a business management-oriented person seeks regarding an office, It will not better than the Duo tower when completed in 2017.

Spectacular modern house in Spain by A-cero

Well, if you are looking for some of the most impressive and magnificent architectures in Spain right now then the spectacular modern house in Spain by A-cero is one of them. This beauty is in a league of its own and showcases architecture at its very best. This mind blowing residential building is located in Samosaguas a very popular residential area in Pozuelo de Alarcón, that boast of other exotic architecture that will drive anyone crazy.


Just like its other outstanding architectural design, A-Cero remained committed to their beautiful design and style by creating a perfect unity between curved lines and cubic forms. This state of the art architectural design boasts of magnificent views that are only rivaled by a few other architectural designs. As always, the Spanish architectural studio drew its inspirations from the works of other spectacular artists to come up with this highly loved and talked about building.

If you are thinking of a luxury house to spoil yourself sour and you don’t know what architectural design is perfect for you, then you wouldn’t go wrong by drawing inspiration from the spectacular modern house in Spain by A-cero. Guess you still wondering why this house is special and top notch?  Then you need to feel the awesome surprise and architectural ingenuity of this architecture that promises to wow you.

Obviously, this building boast of staggering 18,300 square feet of living spaces, which is stunning and perfect for people who desire lots of space in a house. Its architectural master class is characterized by sculptural volumes that are dominated by horizontal lines. The architectural volumes of this masterpiece are superimposed in layers which give the building a layout that appears like a natural growth.

This building was also intended to create a harmonious balance between the building and environment. Consequently, the brilliant A-cero designed a beautiful Japanese inspired garden to complement the beauty and aura of this building. The charming Japanese themed garden was beautifully landscaped with large boanaise flowers and other ornamental plants that nature lovers will no doubt appreciate. Access to the garden is allowed from the rooms in the ground floor connection between indoors and outdoors environment.

The base house features the health and leisure areas, the living room, dining area, and indoor pool. It doesn’t end there; the master bedroom suite and office are also located on the first floor. The second floor has beautiful scenery with a spacious painting studio that art lovers would fall in love with.

LV House in Madrid, Spain

LV house is a modern and outstanding residence which covers about 10.764 Sq. Ft. of space and has three floors. This is one of the eye-catching residential homes located in Madrid, Spain. An excellent single-family house completed by A-cero is one worth living anytime. Thanks to Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, the architectural works were exceptionally high with unique aesthetic criteria that characterize an entirely managed studio. The good LV house has quality interior and exterior amenities that make it worth living.

lvThe three floors are connected by an amazingly spiral interior staircase, so enticing; it also has an elevator that would make the inhabitants want to be on a steady to and fro movement. The ground floor is consisting of the public living areas, and this is basically the service sector such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The beautifully designed upper floor is made of 4 bedrooms with each of them entirely housing a bathroom and a master suite that gets you stunned. The upper floor is dedicated to the privacy of the inhabitants, unlike the ground floor that caters for entertainment and services. So admiring, each room designed is with wide windows and easy access to the garden through the porches.

A rational and social human being will advocate that a true luxurious house is never complete without the entertainment and fun section meticulously designed. This is truly portrayed in the basement of this LV house. The basement features an entertainment room, a state of the art swimming pool and a gym; these are apt for the inhabitants ’pleasure as well visitors’. Of course, there is a modern garage in the basement level. The quality furniture designs are cool and are made of high standard quality materials; thanks to Cavalli furniture designs and A-cero IN design, the outdoor furniture is works of Vondom firms. A-cero IN provides the furniture such as sculptures from an architectural studio.

The LV house in Madrid, Spain is no doubt a residence that features the required amenities that qualifies a building to be called a home. Incorporated in it are excellent combinations of classic style and modern elements. Occupants get one of the best feelings of being at home in the LV house, as it has virtually the features of a perfectly modern house. The house extends to an outdoor swimming pool with organic shapes, as well a scenic garden.

Copaiba Residence

The design of the Copaiba residence has its reference linked to its landscape; its lot has a Copaiba tree, a little portion of cerrado vegetation and an eastern mountain range view, hence the name Copaiba residence. The Copaiba residence is a residential home built in an L-shape by the Brazilian architectural firm Macedo, Gomes, and Fabiano Sobreira as the architect in charge. This is an impressive residential home of about 3,552 Sq. Ft that was completed in 2013, and located in Brasilia, Brazil. The design of this project takes the Copaiba tree as its reference point, as the main access to the house and the courtyard is created around the Copaiba tree.

copaibaThe Copaiba residence has its unique design that most people who desire and appreciate luxurious homes with plants would admire. An L-shaped block forms the ground floor of the house, there is the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms and connected to the cerrado vegetation via a long veranda that extends all spaces, enabling transition between the outside and inside. This long veranda also offers maximum protection to the internal space against the sun and rain.

The Brasilia climate is unique, as it a major consideration for the open design of this project that allows passive solutions. Apparently, there wouldn’t be an intense need for an air conditioner, whether heating or cooling type. The west portion of the ground floor block features the bathroom, well equipped and scenic; this serves as an effective protection to the bedroom from the west sun. The North portion of the L shape block of Copaiba residence has so many features that are excellent and peculiar to a luxurious home; it has the guest bedroom and garage/multifunctional space, and service area; these define the courtyard.

A unique and adorable wood finishing characterize the interior of this residence, perhaps complementing the surrounding nature of copaiba tree. The interior parts including the floor, ceiling and frames are made of quality native wood. One could wonder why the garage has a tile panel; this is put in place in a bid to pay homage to Athos Bulcao, an artist who worked in partnership with Niemeyer to achieve several works in Brasilia, as well the folk culture of Pernambuco. A very spectacular and luxurious residential home in Brasilia, Brazil could not be better than the Copaiba residence with its Copaiba tree being accorded the due reference.

Fantastic window residence in Valencia, Spain

When you talk about architecture and design, then Spain is a powerhouse with lots of mind blowing architectural designs rivaled by only a few worldwide. The window residence is a perfect residential building for either couples or singles looking for a luxury apartment to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of Spain.


This house is located in the very heart of Spain, Valencia to be precise, which boast of other mind blowing residential building. This humble abode is in a class of its own and proves just how important architecture is to the harmony of nature. This down to earth Magnificent structure was designed and completed by Spanish architectural firm LADAA in 2010 and was placed in an elevated position in the city of Valencia to give onlookers the view of a lifetime. Ever imagined how awesome it would be to be able to capture the beauty of Valencia from one vantage point! Impressive right? Wait till you see the spec of the house, and you will marvel at the time and energy that went into this work to make it a masterpiece.

This beautiful residential enclave boasts of two separate floors that are intentionally crafted to offer the most exceptional and breathtaking views of the surrounding as well as luxurious living conditions that any lucky owner will always be proud of. If you are in search of a house that is designed to your taste and perfection, then this is the one for you. Although it wouldn’t come on the cheap, it is worth whatever money spent to purchase it.

The selling point of this building is the central living area that houses the master bedroom on the very first floor; this level provides you with all the needed freedom, privacy and independence from the disturbances of children and another guest that may be occupying the guest room. From and external point of view, The Fantastic Window Residence has four distinct Phases with three of those phases intentionally designed to ensure privacy while the fourth phase is transparent to showcase the exquisite views of the encircling arrears.

The designers of the Fantastic Window Residence made sure that there is a transition between indoor area and the exterior area. This transition is achieved through a uniquely designed glass door box that connects the exterior spaces with the living area that occupies a mouthwatering space of 2,150 square feet. This space is adequate to house any equipment or furniture you may like to install into this humble abode.

The Fantastic Window Residence boast of two bedrooms, and audio-video room, service area as well as the garage that can be easily accessed through an appropriately designed staircase that leads to the basement area. If your taste in a house is décor, then the designers of the Fantastic Window Residence didn’t let you down as each room is adorned with state of the art decoration. This house has a cozy fireplace that ensures you stay warm all day long. The outdoor area of this building will provide you with the fun of a lifetime as it houses a beautiful swimming pool designed to perfection to guarantee optimum relaxation and socialization.

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